Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toyota Vios Sport Spring

To all the TOYOTA VIOS users,
Now can grab the Pro-ride Sport Spring for NEW 93 OR OLD 42 model with a new pack.
Spec: 20% harder compared to standard spring
Lowered: approximately 2 @2 1/2 fingers front and rear.
increased your car stability and performance during high speed and cornering with Pro-Ride sport spring garranteed

Brand: Pro-ride
Condition: Brand New from factory
Spec: Pro-ride Sport Specification
Color: red
Price: Just Contact Me for BEST PRICE EVER
Item: 1set front n rear
Term: COD, delivery and Postage. all available.
credit for one concept and twotopics


  1. aku dh psg kt vios 09..spring ni mmg best..sedap..lg ok dr oem..kdg2 malaysia pny pn baguih far puas ati..

  2. radenmerahsilu: tu pakai spring standard or sport punye?

  3. Great sport springs for a nice car. A great combination indeed!

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  5. Bila nak ada sport absorber untuk vios v2 ni??? Vios v3 dah nak keluar..

  6. bole share picture vios 2nd gen yang pakai sport spring proride dengan rim 15 tayar 195/55/15